GameTrailers takes you on a visually stunning guide through the mythology of The Legend of Zelda. See how one of the most confusing timelines evolved over two decades as we make sense of the official order divulged in Hyrule Historia. Watch more episodes of Timeline on GT! 25TH ANNIVERSARY ARTWORK: MUSIC: ZREO: Zelda Re-Orchestrated, Twilight Symphony, Zelda 25th Anniversary CD (included with Skyward Sword) PRODUCER: Michael Damiani NARRATOR: Brandon Jones WRITERS: Michael Damiani, Marco Rosado VIDEO EDITOR: Marco Rosado VISUAL EFFECTS: Dan Racusin, Marco Rosado, Leeland Russel SCRIPT SUPERVISORS: Miguel Lopez, Shane Satterfield, Patrick Morales, Chris Nguyen LORE CONSULANTS: Noah Glaser, Ben Lamoreux, David Wilson TRANSLATORS: Beno, Familiar Stranger, Glitterberri, Joel "SnowBrigadier" Delborg, Patricia Martinez Nava, Shikage