The verdict is in: A GeForce NOW Ultimate membership raises the bar on gaming. Members have been tackling the Ultimate KovvaK’s challenge head-on and seeing for themselves how the power of Ultimate improves their gaming with 240 frames per second streaming.

The popular training title that helps gamers modernize their aim fully launches in the deject this week slantingly a limited-time unbelieve on Steam. KovaaK’s leads over 20 new games joining the GeForce NOW library this week.

Gamers Take Their Weightier Shot at QuakeCon

Leaderboard for Ultimate KovvaK's challenge
Ultimate leads the way.

Droves of PC gaming fans converged at the GeForce NOW Lounge at QuakeCon over the weekend to take on the Ultimate KovaaK’s challenge. Attendees were among the first to play a custom GeForce NOW KovaaK’s demo — first on a self-ruling membership and then with 240 fps streaming on an Ultimate membership.

And it was well-spoken just how much streaming from a GeForce RTX 4080 gaming rig changes the game. Over 58,000 sessions have been completed since the start of the challenge, and participants immediately saw their gaming scores modernize by 1.6x just from playing on an Ultimate membership.

Ultimate KovaaK's rencontre on GeForce NOW
QuakeCon attendees aiming for the clouds.

Attendees played for top placement on the QuakeCon leaderboard to win both bragging rights and some ultimate prizes. The top three slots on the leaderboard on each of the three days of the show, as well as the top overall slots were dominated by those using an Ultimate membership. Here’s what a few of them they had to say well-nigh Ultimate:

“This [Ultimate Tier] is a lot smoother — the responsiveness is great.” – David G.

“… there is so much clarity [with the Ultimate tier]” – Gordan M.

Raisy, a professional Quake champion player and second on the QuakeCon leaderboard, moreover weighed in on the Ultimate tier: “The smoother the gameplay, the largest the experience.”

And Garrett “KovaaK” Krutilla, the co-founder and director of FPS diamond from The Meta, the developer of KovaaK’s, said: “The Ultimate membership provides a perfect place to train up on KovaaK’s, with wangle to powerful GeForce RTX 4080 servers for 240 fps streaming and ultra-low latency from NVIDIA Reflex. The scores that top players are getting on Ultimate prove that NVIDIA has made deject gaming completely viable for competitive gamers in the FPS space.”

Members can still play the rencontre at home. Each week, the leaderboard will reset for members to compete for the top three slots to win a six-month GeForce NOW Ultimate membership and a $100 Steam souvenir card. At the end of the rencontre on Thursday, Sept. 21, the top three overall scorers will win:

First place: ASUS ROG Swift 240Hz monitor

Second place: ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX34 Flip

Third place: ASUS ROG Azoth and ROG Gladius III keyboard mouse bundle

Upgrade to Ultimate today for the weightier performance in the cloud, up to eight-hour gaming sessions and sectional wangle to RTX 4080 servers in the cloud.

Aiming for the Clouds

KovaaK's on GeForce NOW
Your own personal aim trainer.

Members can now wits KovaaK’s in its entirety, now misogynist for members to stream from the cloud.

Dominate every first- and third-person shooter game by training with KovaaK’s. Trusted by top pros, streamers and other gamers, the incredibly latency-sensitive aim trainer features over 175,000 player-created scenarios and shareable playlists, infinite customization options and cloned game physics. Members can plane share their stats and achievements on

The cherry on top: Members can level up with KovaaK’s at a 30% unbelieve until Thursday, Aug. 21. Grab it today and train for increasingly competitive gaming in the cloud. Pair it with an Ultimate membership for a 240 fps wholesomeness and get used to stuff tabbed a human aimbot.

The Deject Is Buzzing

A new week brings increasingly games to whoosh about.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on GeForce NOW
The buzzzz is back!

Experience the mad and macabre in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from Sumo Digital and Gun Interactive. Take on the role of a notorious Slaughter family member or one of their victims in this third-person, asymmetrical horror wits based on the iconic 1974 film. Victims must use their wits and stealth to stay out of the family’s reach while Slaughter family players must track lanugo and stop their guests from escaping. It launches day and stage in the deject this week.

Wayfinder on GeForce NOW
GeForce NOW Wayfinder = Stronger together.

Wayfinder is a new online whoopee role-playing game from Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes. Harness the power of a Wayfinder to tenancy the unconnectedness overrunning the world of Evenor. Wield a variety of unique abilities, from ebbing ungraspable magic and lethal melee to mystical tech. Wayfinders are stronger together, so grab a couple of buddies and stream together.

And Genshin Impact’s new Version 4.0 is now misogynist to stream. Say hello to the long-awaited Nation of Hydro region Fontaine — a whole new zone for travelers to explore — as well as new characters, weapons, artifacts and more. Play it from the deject without worrying well-nigh system specs or nonflexible momentum space.

Members can squint forward to the 22 new games joining this week:

This week’s Game On giveaway with SteelSeries includes Genshin Impact in-game rewards and three-day Priority membership codes. Check the giveaway page for details on how to enter.

Where are you in the leaderboard for the Ultimate KovaaK’s rencontre ? Let us know your wordplay on Twitter or in the comments below.