It’s a party this GFN Thursday with several newly launched titles streaming on GeForce NOW. Revel in gaming goodness with Xenonauts 2, Viewfinder and Techtonica, among the four new games joining the deject this week.

Portal fans, stay tuned — the Portal: Prelude RTX mod will be streaming on GeForce NOW to members soon.

Plus, find out how members can score an upcoming Guild Wars 2 premium reward.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Choose from over 1,600 games in the GeForce NOW library, starting off with the titles making their deject debut. Be among the first to wits Xenonauts 2, Viewfinder and Techtonica from a high-performance GeForce RTX gaming rig in the cloud, without worrying well-nigh download times or system specs.

Viewfinder on GeForce NOW
Find a new perspective in the cloud.

Take on a variegated perspective in Viewfinder, the new single-player game from Thunderful Publishing. Gamers can rencontre perception, redefine reality and reshape the world virtually them with an instant camera. Capture pictures and bring them to life by placing them into the scene in this mind-bending reality adventure.

Get to work!

Those looking for something out of this world can trammels out Fire Hose Games’ Techtonica, set in a strangely beautiful, bioluminescent, mysterious subsurface wayfarer universe. Play solo or with a buddy to build factories, gather resources, research new technologies and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

Xenonauts 2 on GeForce NOW
Naut your stereotype game.

Fans of the Xenonauts series can squint forward to the second entry in the franchise from Hooded Horse. In Xenonauts 2, work as the throne of a multinational military organization tasked with eliminating an extraterrestrial threat. Play from the shadows to seek out and engage a growing wayfarer presence.

Catch these titles fresh out of the oven and upgrade to a premium membership for faster wangle over self-ruling members.

Exclusive GeForce NOW Rewards

Guild Wars 2 Coming Soon to GeForce NOW
It pays to be a GeForce NOW member.

Starting next week, Ultimate and Priority members get an sectional reward for the hit MMORPG Guild Wars 2. The “Always Prepared” and “Booster” bundles will bring premium members a philharmonic of helpful tools, cosmetic items, a mini pet and more.

Upgrade to an Ultimate or Priority membership today, and visit the GeForce NOW Rewards portal to update the settings to receive special offers and in-game goodies. Better hurry — these rewards are misogynist for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grab them in time for the fourth expansion of Guild Wars 2, coming to GeForce NOW at launch on Tuesday, Aug. 22. The Secrets of the Obscure paid expansion includes a new storyline, powerful gainsay options, new mount skills and more.

New Games, Who Dis?

Jump into the list of the four new games hitting GeForce NOW this week:

  • Techtonica (New release on Steam, July 18)
  • Viewfinder (New release on Steam, July 18)
  • Xenonauts 2 (New release on Steam, July 18)
  • Embr (Steam)

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