Get ready for Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing’s highly predictable Remnant II, misogynist for members to stream on GeForce NOW at launch. It leads eight new games coming to the deject gaming platform.

Ultimate and Priority members, make sure to grab the Guild Wars 2 rewards, misogynist now through Thursday, Aug. 31. Visit the GeForce NOW Rewards portal and opt in to rewards.

Strange New Worlds

New worlds to explore in the cloud.

Kick off the weekend with one of the hottest new games in the cloud. Remnant II from Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing, sequel to the hit game Remnant: From the Ashes, is newly launched in the deject for members to stream.

Go throne to throne versus new mortiferous creatures and god-like bosses while exploring terrifying new worlds with variegated types of creatures, weapons and items. With various stories woven throughout, each playthrough will be variegated from the last, making each wits unique for uncounted replayability.

Find secrets and unlock variegated Archetypes, each with their own special set of abilities. Members can unflinching it vacated or team up with buddies to explore the depths of the unknown and stop an evil from destroying reality itself. Just remember — friendly fire is on, so pick your squad wisely.

Upgrade to an Ultimate membership to play Remnant II and increasingly than 1,600 titles at RTX 4080 quality, with support for 4K 120 frames per second gameplay and ultrawide resolutions. Ultimate and Priority members can moreover wits higher frame rates with DLSS technology for AI-powered graphics on their RTX-powered deject gaming rigs.

Reward Yourself

Guild Wars 2 reward on GeForce NOW
Boost yourself in “Guild Wars 2” with this reward.

Ultimate and Priority members can now grab their free, sectional rewards for Guild Wars 2, featuring the “Always Prepared” and “Booster” bundles, available through the end of August.

The “Always Prepared” stow includes ten Transmutation Charges to transpiration weft appearance, a Revive Orb that returns a player to 50% health at their current location and a top hat to add style to the character. On top of that, the “Booster” stow includes an Item Booster, Karma Booster, Wits Booster, a 10-Slot Bag and a Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket, which can be exchanged in game for a mini-pet of choice.

Visit the GeForce NOW Rewards portal to update the settings to receive special offers and in-game goodies. Better hurry — these rewards are misogynist for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grab them in time for the fourth expansion of Guild Wars 2, coming to GeForce NOW at launch on Tuesday, Aug. 22. The “Secrets of the Obscure” paid expansion includes a new storyline, powerful gainsay options, new mount skills and more.

Racing Into the Weekend

MotoGP23 on GeForce NOW
Race into the weekend with ‘MotoGP23’.

Remnant II is one of the eight games misogynist this week on GeForce NOW. Check out the well-constructed list of new games:

  • Remnant II (New release on Steam, July 25)
  • Let’s School (New release on Steam, July 26)
  • Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival (New release on Steam, July 27)
  • MotoGP23 (Steam)
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER (Epic Games Store)
  • Pro Cycling Manager 2023 (Steam)
  • Riders Republic (Steam)
  • Starship Troopers: Extermination (Steam)

What are you planning to play this weekend? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.