Rise and shine, it’s time to quake up — the GeForce NOW Ultimate KovaaK’s challenge kicks off at the QuakeCon gaming festival today, giving gamers everywhere the endangerment to play to their ultimate potential with ultra-high 240 frames per second streaming. On top of bragging rights, top scorers can win some sweet prizes — including a 240Hz gaming monitor.

Bethesda’s topnotch titles Doom Eternal, Quake, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: Youngblood heat up the deject this week, leading 21 new games joining the GeForce NOW library.

Plus, Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a hit with members. Make sure to upgrade to Ultimate and Priority memberships today to skip the waiting lines over self-ruling members and get into gaming faster.

Ultimate Power, Ultimate Wins

Warning: The GeForce NOW Ultimate membership is so good that gamers can no longer vituperation their hardware for losses.

To gloat the completion of the Ultimate upgrade, GeForce NOW is giving everyone a endangerment to wits the full power of an Ultimate membership and 240 fps deject gaming with its Ultimate KovaaK’s challenge. See how streaming from a GeForce RTX 4080 gaming rig completely changes the game.

Ultimate KovaaK's rencontre on GeForce NOW
Go ahead, requite it a shot!

GeForce NOW has teamed with popular aim trainer KovaaK’s to create a custom demo on the GeForce NOW app for PC and macOS. Self-ruling and Priority members can stream the demo, then get a self-ruling one-day upgrade to 240 fps gaming with GeForce NOW Ultimate to instantly wits a major performance improvement. Members will receive an email once their self-ruling one-day upgrade is available, and should make sure their device settings are optimized for the challenge.

Gamers can replay the demo unlimited times on Ultimate during the one-day upgrade and aim for the top score versus other GeForce NOW members on the challenge leaderboard. QuakeCon attendees and those playing from home can compete for prizes through Thursday, Sept. 21. Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook for increasingly details.

Ultimate members who’ve once been enjoying ultra-high 240 fps deject gaming can moreover join in on the fun — just try to show the newcomers a little mercy on the leaderboard.

The Deject Just Got Hotter

After warming up with the Ultimate Challenge, bring the heat over to Bethesda’s highly well-known first-person shooter games.

Doom Eternal on GeForce NOW
Time to raze.

Hell’s armies have invaded Earth once then in Doom Eternal, the latest entry in the legendary Doom franchise. Traverse various dimensions to stop the demonic invasion and save humanity. Raze enemies in the single-player campaign, or grab some buddies for “Battlemode” and squatter off versus their demons as a fully armed, upgraded Doom Slayer in a best-of-five match. Each demon has unique abilities, while the Slayer can use its armory and power-ups to take the enemies down.

Quake on GeForce NOW
You can’t be at fault streaming Quake from the cloud.

Grab the gaming archetype Quake to step into the shoes of Ranger, a warrior armed with a powerful armory of weapons. Fight corrupted knights, unlovely ogres and an unwashed of twisted creatures. Brave it vacated or with a squad of up to four players in an online co-op mode.

Wolfenstein on GeForce NOW
Who let the wolves out?

Take the fight over to the Wolfenstein franchise and wrestle versus high-tech Nazi legions in a twisted version of history with Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: Youngblood joining the cloud. Wits popular weft B.J. Blazkowicz’s story in New Order and The New Colossus, then play as his twin daughters in Youngblood. Members can moreover wits Wolfenstein: Youngblood with RTX ON for real-time cinematic lighting.

Those returning to the series or experiencing them for the first time can stream at up to 240 fps with a GeForce NOW Ultimate membership, which offers peak performance that’s helpful whether facing off versus demons, war machines or other players virtually the world.

Bring on the New

Apex Legends: Resurrection on GeForce NOW
Death is reborn.

The newest season of Apex Legends, the popular, free-to-play, battle-royale first-person shooter game, is now misogynist to stream. Apex Legends: Resurrection brings a new squint and mortiferous new skills for offense-focused weft Revenant. Plus, members can wrestle on new stages for Mixtape on Broken Moon. Or, gamers can put their skills to the test in a new Ranked season and terrorize foes from the Resurrection Wrestle Pass.

Members can squint forward to the 21 new games joining this week:

This week’s Game On giveaway with SteelSeries includes RuneScape and three-day Priority membership codes. Check the giveaway page for details on how to enter.

And we’ve got a question surpassing the weekend starts. Let us know how you do with the Ultimate KovvaK’s rencontre on Twitter or in the comments below.