Today, we’re excited to signify the rollout of two new features to make it easier to find and connect with friends on Roblox: Contact Importer and Friend Recommendations. Experiences on Roblox can be increasingly wondrous and enjoyable when you are with people that you know. Now you will be worldly-wise to import your phone contacts with Contact Importer and moreover discover new connections with Friend Recommendations. As with all of our features, we’ve taken the necessary steps to thoughtfully test them over time to ensure a safe, high-quality wits for our community.

Contact Importer

Users can opt in to Contact Importer to hands find and connect with their real-life friends by uploading contacts from their phone and matching those contacts with other users on Roblox that have opted into letting their friends find them by phone number. To make it plane easier, Contact Importer uses the same contact names saved within a users’ device so they can quickly recognize their friends on Roblox’s platform.

For example, if someone saves a number in their phone under the nickname “Big Sis,” the number will moreover towards to them as “Big Sis” on Roblox when importing their contacts. Once imported, this nickname will be shown in wing to their Roblox exhibit name on surfaces like their profile, making it easier to alimony track of contacts on Roblox. As a privacy measure, only the user uploading their contacts will be worldly-wise to see their contact names.

To ensure privacy and safety, users can segregate whether others can find them with their phone number – this provides them well-spoken tenancy of their privacy options, a step vastitude industry standards. Contact Importer will uncork to roll out to 13 year old phone verified users this week.

Contact Importer Flow

Friend Recommendations

Friend Recommendations provide a list of suggested people you may know and want to connect with on Roblox. With Friend Recommendations now stuff featured on the home page, users 13 and older can hands review these suggestions and add friends directly. This full-length has been designed to recommend only high-quality connections for our users with contextual indicators. For example, we may recommend a user with whom someone has many bilateral connections.

PYMKExperiencing Roblox Through Connections

The vision of Roblox is to reimagine the way people come together. This is once happening for our 58 million daily zippy users worldwide as they enjoy the variety of experiences from our wondrous creators and connect and hang out with friends – just like in the real world. The rollout of Contact Importer and Friend Recommendations is an important step in helping make it easier for users to connect, while standing to uphold the privacy and safety of our community.

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