Today, Roblox provides creators with a platform that enables end-to-end tools, services, and support to help them build the most immersive 3D experiences. With Roblox Studio, creators have everything they need, out-of-the-box and for free, to build their experiences and publish immediately on all popular platforms, reaching 58.8 million people daily worldwide. With the outstart of generative AI techniques, however, we are seeing an opportunity to revolutionize megacosm on the platform, both by augmenting Roblox Studio to make megacosm dramatically faster and easier, and moreover by enabling every user on Roblox to be a creator.

As we all know, generative AI learns the underlying patterns and structures of data and generates new content, such as images, audio, code, text, 3D models, or other forms of media, that have not been seen before. With a dramatic velocity in these tools’ effectiveness for everyday content creation, this technology is at an inflection point. It now has the sufficiency to capture the creator’s intent, provide a wholesale range of digital editing capabilities, help create the content, and indulge for fast iteration. We have once heard from Roblox creators well-nigh how they are using this technology to create. However, these off-the-shelf AI systems are not integrated with our platform and they often do not produce “Roblox ready” output that requires substantial follow on work from a creator. We see an incredible opportunity to build generative AI tools and APIs focused on Roblox.

The Value of Generative AI for Our Creators

Today a Roblox wits is created through a combination of 3D objects of various forms (constructive solid geometry, avatars, meshes, terrain, etc), unfluctuating in policies through Lua scripting, and backed by a universal physics engine that provides cadre policies on the platform. While the engine is an underlying portion of the platform, it is up to the creator to build or otherwise reap everything in the experience. We see generative AI tools stuff workable to each of these variegated creative processes. What we have once started to see through internal prototypes is that specialized generative AI tools can not only slide creator productivity, but can significantly waif the technical skill needed to bring ideas to life.

For example, some creators know how to code, but may have limited wits creating high-fidelity 3D models. Others may be increasingly experienced with model design, but less experienced with code. In both cases, we see a future in which plane a beginner (such as myself for example – I’m a terrible artist!) can get a running throne start as they squint to bring their imagination to life in a Roblox experience.

Even increasingly powerful, the convergence of media supported by generative AI will indulge creators to develop integrated 3D objects that come with policies built in. For example, a creator could diamond a car through a simple statement such as “A red, two seater, convertible sports car with front-wheel drive”. This new megacosm would both squint like a red sports car but moreover have all the policies coded into it to be driven through a 3D virtual world.

This work involves unique technical challenges as we tackle the worthiness to generate 3D models with event handlers, an volatility rig, and physical properties. This work is unprecedented considering making interactive content requires a deeper understanding of the generated object. With the unrestrictedness of immersive content opportunities on Roblox, we moreover have the unique opportunity to create a generative model for all types of content at once – image, code, 3D models, audio, avatar creation, and more.

Everyone becomes a creator

We are towers a platform that will enable every user to be a creator – not just those well-appointed with Roblox Studio and other 3D content megacosm tools. We believe that many experiences in Roblox will wilt megacosm experiences where one can create a new shirt, hat, an unshortened avatar; a house or plane an unshortened wits – all from within flipside experience. This vision requires a set of tools significantly increasingly wieldy to a typical user than exists in any environment today – things like voice and text or touch-based gestures rather than intricate mouse and keyboard movements. Generative AI tooling can help make megacosm intuitive and natural for users and be directly embedded into experiences, permitting any of our 58.8 million daily users to create unique content that can be shared wideness the platform.

We moreover see a huge opportunity for the AI polity itself to wilt creators on the Roblox platform. By enabling 3rd party AI megacosm services to plug directly into Roblox (likely as a megacosm experience), we provide a mechanism for their unique creations to be directly offered to Roblox users. For example, if you develop an AI model that builds the most expressive superhero notation based on a combination of text prompts, graphical queues, and photo examples, that sufficiency is something you should be worldly-wise to offer directly to those Roblox users who want an incredible superhero avatar. We envision the polity as a gravity multiplier for generative AI, creating an ecosystem that our creators and users can leverage to create content and tools increasingly effectively.

This vision moreover involves some unique technical challenges. First, the tools have to be suited to things a user would create, and how they might fit into an in-experience megacosm environment. Second, in all cases we need to alimony Roblox unscratched and civil. This ways we need to build a fast and scalable moderation spritz for all types of creation. Third, we need an economic system that encourages such creation. Roblox stands untied as a platform with a robust creator-backed marketplace and economy, and we must proffer that to support in-experience user-creators as well as AI algorithm developers.

As we do this, we remain enlightened of the need to implement generative AI thoughtfully and ethically on the Roblox platform, in line with the value we have unchangingly placed on respecting our community. We are single-minded to using diverse and robust data sets to limit unjust content and encourage unscratched and high-quality content output.

Learn Increasingly at DeveloperWeek

Our teams are working on rolling out tests for two new AI tools in the coming weeks: generative AI materials from a text prompt and generative AI lawmaking completion to help increase minutiae velocity. These are just our first steps to bring the megacosm power of generative AI to our creator community. I’ll be sharing increasingly this week at my talk on the Tech Stack for the Metaverse at DeveloperWeek. And Stef Corazza will moreover share increasingly during his talk at the AI Summit of Game Developers Conference next month. We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on this journey together.

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